For Organizations

For Organizations

1. Feasibility Analysis:

We will analyze your current global strategy or explore the value of having one for your company. The question that we will address is “Is it worth it”–a cost/benefit analysis of going global. This is for businesses in the knowledge and higher education industry.

4. Third Culture® –Team Building:

This is for team(s) whose members come from two or more different cultures.  We will access the cultures involved and help create cultural synergy within the team(s).

3. Diverse Workforce Training:

This is for HR, Sales, Marketing, and Management who are dealing with clients and/or customers from various cultural backgrounds.  This is an intensive one or two-day training group session geared toward dealing with a diverse workforce.

4. Expert Execution:

For those who prefer to leave strategy and execution up to the experts.  This is a long term engagement where we will create a global strategy and temporarily become part of your team to execute it.